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Trying to watch the Boston vs Houston ALCS game on my iPad via the TBS App was one of the most frustrating experiences ever, crashing every two minutes having to watch the same commercial each time I reset it losing valuable minutes during the game. How is this good for advertisement dollars, advertisers should demand better.

TBS app has been proving itself to be useless these days. I can initially launch the application to where I then look for the program I want. Go to programs page and select an episode you see the circle that it's loading and it'll either crash immediately or about 1 to 2 minutes into the show

Please remove my previous comment -- it was ment for TNT

Terrible! Live tv streaming crashes constantly! Fix this please!

App is garbage, watched the Cubs all summer on MLB At Bat Roku app and now I can't see a playoff game because the TBS app crashed every two minutes. ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!!


I <3 Sam Bee and Search Party

Nice but problems with sign-in

I would have no complaints except sign-in is spotty. Sometimes impossible to sign in without restarting tablet. I mean whats up with that.

Love that I can watch live

It takes sometimes forever to get on live TV. It keeps on buffering

Freezing picture but sound continues

Like I said approve annoying af fix tech people

Worst App Ever

They finally added Chromecast one of the last apps to have it and the live tv function works only 1/4 of the time. If there were an option for no stars I would give it that...seriously dont waste your time downloading this app!!!

Great app

No problems on my iPad or google tv. Great shows. Thanks, keep up the good work.

Love this app!

No problems signing in with my provider, and it works great on my iPhone 6s.


Dont waste your time with this app. Constantly crashes. Extremely frustrating

5 stars

Great app. Works well on my phone!

Awesome App

This app is awesome. It never freezes.

Worst ever

I just spent about an hour trying to sign in and watch a show. 30 minutes plus just trying to get signed in to my xfinity account because the in app sign in kept crashing. Then the show wont stream to Apple TV from my iPad. Starts then crashes. Then wont start at all. Horrible excuse, should be an embarrassment to tbs.

The Worst

This app does not actually let you sign into your provider so every item you click on to watch it says you dont have permission. Waste of space. Too bad because it looks like they have great program content.


Awful. Dont waste your time

Still no DirecTV NOW????

Seriously? They have been mentioned on the front page of Apples own tvos site for months, but you still havent gotten around to adding them as a provider? Come on. Your latest update claims to have bug fixes... but it doesnt fix this one youve had for months. GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!! Another month has passed, still no support.

Sign in, rinse, repeat

You have to sign in with your internet/cable provider every time you use the app to view anything. Its pretty basic to save that data with other apps so that you dont annoy your customers, you should give it a try TBS. Also keeping the commercial to content ratio at least no higher than 50-50 would be fabulous. Especially since I had to sign in and that means I am already paying to support your station.

Constantly crashing!

App crashes almost every 4 minutes!

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